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PhysicsEditor template for the Citrus Engine

Some months ago, I bought two softwares from code ‘n’ web : TexturePacker to create SpriteSheet and PhysicsEditor to create easily box2d object from png file.

Today, I’m happy to share my first extension / template for PhysicsEditor’s software : I’ve created a template to export physics object for the Citrus Engine.

This is a quick usage example
Click on the physical object and press tab. The console is now open. Then write : set Box2D visible false and you will see its picture. It matches really well to the physical object!

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Create a ladder for the Citrus Engine

Hi, today a quick post about how to create a ladder for the Citrus Engine.
It is a preview version, Michael Kerr requested me for his flash game scripting class !

I’m working with Eric to add it into the original package !!

So here is the result : the ladder in action

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Teleporter, treadmill and cannon

After my game school project (Kinessia), I’m still doing some experiments with the Citrus Engine.

On its latest update, there was some new objects :
– a powerful particle system.
– new objects : missile, reward and reward box.

In this tutorial, I wil explain how to create new specific object which extends a Citrus Engine object.
At the end, we will have : a teleporter, a treadmill and a cannon that fires missile !
An ugly example.

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Create a breakout game with the Citrus Engine

Today this is a new tutorial on the great Citrus Engine framework. Before starting my school project, I wanted to try using box2D inside the Citrus Engine, so I will show you how create a breakout game !

Click here to play the game, don’t forget to click in the swf to enable keyboard.

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Box2D with the WorldConstructionKit

Before the weekend, I suggest to dig into the Box2D API for Flash with the great WorldConstructionKit.
Box2D is a physical engine wrote in C++ and translated into many languages such as Java, Objective-C, AS3, JavaScript…

For ActionScript3, there are 2 ports : Boris the brave’s port, and the WCK. You can find a performance comparison here made by Allan Bishop.
The WCK is the best thanks to the Alchemy port : it translates the C++ into something which can be understable by Flash. More information here.

The WCK provides a “a toolset / framework for rapidly developing physics based games / websites within the Flash IDE. WCK allows you to layout your 2d worlds / game levels entirely within Flash and have them hook into the physics simulation without writing any code.”

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