Sign IPAs in Xcode without being a team member

Today, a quick post for a good tips!

Working with Adobe AIR, I enjoy the simple way to sign an IPA: someone provide you the p12 certificate, its password and the mobile provisioning files and you’re ready to go! If you put them on a Dropbox you have a nice combo for a whole team.

But, if you must compile your IPA in Xcode like (all?) the other technologies, it isn’t as easy as just linking via a file browser. If you’re in a team, you just have to sign in with your login in Xcode preferences or you could import the developer profile from an other dev (yeah the easy and dirty way). But how signing an IPA if we just have the raw files?

Import the p12 in your keychain and the mobile provisioning. Then launch Xcode.
Go to your project, and check signing identity. Specify the p12 in the code signing identity and the mobile provision in provisioning profile. Be sure to also do it for the target wanted.
Then make the archive via Xcode menu. If it asked you some authorizations for codesign you’re on the good way! Export, save for iOS App Store Deployement.
It will ask you the team, and obviously you’re not in the team so you can’t select it.
Specify local signing assets at the bottom list, and if everything is setup correctly, you will have your IPA.


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