Unity P Dollar gesture recognizer

Hey guys! Just back from vacations in Norway (what an amazing country!), it’s time to go back to code!
Long time ago, I played with the one dollar algorithm for making gesture recognition. Browsing the page this week, I discovered the $1 has two children $N and $P. This last one is the most recent one and the best one! Its top features are multi-stroke and gestures represented as unordered point-clouds.

The $P algorithm has a C# implementation, so it shouldn’t be hard to use it with Unity? Indeed, unless the UI and files save path, the original code worked fine! A web demo, Github project and it’s on the Unity Asset Store!

Enjoy 😉

10 thoughts on “Unity P Dollar gesture recognizer

  1. I really dont like the unity web player, crash a lot and is painfull slow, nice demo thanks

  2. Yes i hate it also the same thing happening to me ! so i stay away from Unity Player , i like Flash player ! Long time Aymeric no news about citrus engine ?

  3. Hi brother.
    great conversation of the algorithm into unity3d
    please put it as priced into unity asset store.

    thanks for this effort. may save my days.

  4. Hey man, just wondering if you have a version of the $1 on unity? $P is an overkill for me.

    Thanks !

  5. May ask, what are the numbers next to the gesture name was about? like: Star 0.81613571 ?

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