Unity P Dollar gesture recognizer

Hey guys! Just back from vacations in Norway (what an amazing country!), it’s time to go back to code!
Long time ago, I played with the one dollar algorithm for making gesture recognition. Browsing the page this week, I discovered the $1 has two children $N and $P. This last one is the most recent one and the best one! Its top features are multi-stroke and gestures represented as unordered point-clouds.

The $P algorithm has a C# implementation, so it shouldn’t be hard to use it with Unity? Indeed, unless the UI and files save path, the original code worked fine! A web demo, Github project and it’s on the Unity Asset Store!

Enjoy 😉

10 thoughts on “Unity P Dollar gesture recognizer

  1. Yes i hate it also the same thing happening to me ! so i stay away from Unity Player , i like Flash player ! Long time Aymeric no news about citrus engine ?

  2. Hey man, just wondering if you have a version of the $1 on unity? $P is an overkill for me.

    Thanks !

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