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Xamarin Forms, the love of cross platform native UI

Some months ago, I started a small project for a friend: a basic app for managing stock. A personnal project is always a good occasion for testing a new tech, and Xamarin was in my radar since a long time. With Xamarin Forms I was able to make an app with a native look & feel without having to bother with interface. Let see how it goes!
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Sign IPAs in Xcode without being a team member

Today, a quick post for a good tips!

Working with Adobe AIR, I enjoy the simple way to sign an IPA: someone provide you the p12 certificate, its password and the mobile provisioning files and you’re ready to go! If you put them on a Dropbox you have a nice combo for a whole team.

But, if you must compile your IPA in Xcode like (all?) the other technologies, it isn’t as easy as just linking via a file browser. If you’re in a team, you just have to sign in with your login in Xcode preferences or you could import the developer profile from an other dev (yeah the easy and dirty way). But how signing an IPA if we just have the raw files?

Import the p12 in your keychain and the mobile provisioning. Then launch Xcode.
Go to your project, and check signing identity. Specify the p12 in the code signing identity and the mobile provision in provisioning profile. Be sure to also do it for the target wanted.
Then make the archive via Xcode menu. If it asked you some authorizations for codesign you’re on the good way! Export, save for iOS App Store Deployement.
It will ask you the team, and obviously you’re not in the team so you can’t select it.
Specify local signing assets at the bottom list, and if everything is setup correctly, you will have your IPA.


Install an IPA on iOS directly from a URL

Back from vacations in Québec (lovely country & people), it’s time for a quick blog post for sharing a good trick!

On iOS when you want to share a build with others, you mostly use a third party service (like TestFlight), or you provide the IPA and they have to install it via iTunes or even better iFunbox. Unlike Android (with an APK file), on iOS we’re not able to install an app directly from its binary (IPA). Unless you point your URL to a plist file!
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Branch Metrics ANE

Promoting your application, and making it easy to be accessible to everyone is one of the key of its success. Custom url schemes, are one of the best way to do it! On a previous blog post, I explained how you could use them with AIR.

I also presented a service,, which allows thanks to a unique link to direct you on the mobile store corresponding to your mobile operating system and even launch the app if it’s already installed!

Branch Metrics goes way further (and for free). You have all the options of and you can give parameters to links. In other words, for instance, you can invite your friend to a game you’re playing (via a link generated inside the app) and for example giving him some of your items so he won’t start from scratch! This open the door to many opportunities.

Give a try to the Branch Metrics ANE, it has been crafted with love by your humble servant!

Back for one week at Gobelins’ school!

Next week, I go to Annecy (one of the most beautiful city) at Gobelins‘ school. It’s with a great pride that I’ll come back to my latest school during one week for teaching an introduction to Unity!

During those days, I will present C#, Unity2D, Unity3D and the new Unity UI system. You can find the course online (french only).

I can’t wait to see the talented developers in this promotion! That will be really fun.

Google+ ANE, our first commercial product

We’re glad to introduce our first commercial product: an ANE for Google+!

We’re big fan of Milkman Games’ ANEs, especially the GoViral one. It enables to share a post on Facebook, Twitter, mail… everywhere? Not really. It’s missing Google+! Thanks to our ANE, you will be able to target the Google+ platform for iOS and Android.

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Geophysic, making AIR shine thanks to Feathers

Update: The project has been FWA mobile of the day! Note that this blog post was written 3 months before its publication.

This new project was kind of special for me, I made an iPad application, Geophysic® with one of the best French agency Soleil Noir for the famous luxary watches Jaeger-LeCoultre. No less!
When I was a student, Soleil Noir was the best French agency and we all dreamed to work there! So you could imagine how fun it was to work with them! As a luxury brand, Jaeger-LeCoultre, has a very high expectation of the final product. Combined with Soleil Noir’s graphic designers, it results in a top quality iPad application.

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Dargaud cartography, pure JavaScript isn’t so bad…

New year comes with plenty new resolutions, one of them was to finally give a serious try to a small project into pure JavaScript. I used to swear on JavaScript every time it was mentionned. I made several projects using TypeScript and Haxe, and I’m very happy with those techs. But, if there is some strong libraries (Pixi.js, Phaser, three.js) made in pure JavaScript, there are certainly some reasons !? And when you know that those guys are all ex-flashers, you think that they would use a compiled language. But not at all, they don’t want to depend on a company (since Adobe’s failure on Flash…), freedom feeling you said?

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Scaleform, for the love of Flash

RE-Edit : Scaleform mobile SDK 4.4 is out!

Edit, official answer from Autodesk: “Initial Indie friendly efforts have focused on MayaLT, as the most widely used Autodesk game tool. Autodesk is considering a similar option for their Game Middleware tools (such as Scaleform, Navigation and HIK) which will make them more affordable and accessible to Indies. An Indie friendly pricing model, hopefully coming soon, would allow them to offer the latest version of Scaleform to Indies and not bother maintaining a separate (and older) consumer Scaleform Mobile download. That should solve the problem for Indie devs that want the latest Metal, XCode and 64 bit support.”

We’re in 2015 and Flash is still there. It might be a dying technology but it couldn’t die right now because there isn’t any other tool which is able to replace it. The strength of Flash is obviously its vector animations. However since several years many of the flash developers don’t use the Flash Pro software in their daily job. Now we’re mostly using Starling and sometimes we grab animations from a fla and turn them into a SpriteSheets, or using DragonBones or mostly a SWC file to turn it into textures at runtime. Also there is the fact that we’re not able to reload SWF file using AS3 code on iOS.
Those facts highlight that something is broken in our production line: graphic/animation designers are increasingly dependent on developers. We are not able to take their SWF to make it running on our mobile device, so we must recreate everything ourselves via code and optimized framework (Starling). And hell, I hate doing animations jobs.

I think AAA studios were laughing when Flash was announced dead, because they use it daily. Mass Effect, Tomb Raider, The Witcher, Crysis… all of them use SWF file for their UI stuff. Have you thought a moment that even EA was using SpriteSheets with several resolutions for its menu!? Obviously not, with SWF file they are able to target all resolutions needed with just scaling/stretching their SWF without any loss, from a crappy 640 x 480 resolution to a 4k. However they are not doing it via AIR (it even doesn’t exist on console), but via Scaleform. Let’s have a look on this amazing tool!
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