The story continues

Happy new year!!

We’re already in 2016, it’s incredible how fast time is flying. 2015 was a really good year for Da Viking Code: we worked on a big & challenging game (A Blind Legend made with Unity), several WebGL games (using Pixi & Phaser) and of course some AIR apps & making ANEs, + tons of R&D (Scaleform, Xamarin, Virtual Reality with Cardboards…).

Tamsen is working with me for almost 2 years, and thanks to his awesome works he pushed Da Viking Code to the next steps. So it was about time to update our wesbsite, right? I’m glad to introduce the new website of Da Viking Code (mobile compatibility coming soon)!

This blog was created in 2010 (6 years ago!!), I blogged all my experiences & professional works and so Tamsen started to write his first blog posts here. It was also time to create a professional blog too, right? So the journey will continue on Da Viking Code’s blog. The first article (written by Thomas!) is also our first 3D commercial project, made with love for Heineken.

So this blog will be in standby mode for a while, be sure to update your bookmark!

Psst, did I mention that a new crazy coder joined us? His name is Valentin, he is a multimedia engineer specialized with Unity, 3D and Virtual Reality! He has also some good skills for making nice web stuff!

Thus Da Viking Code evolves as a cross-platform development studio! And this is only the begin!

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