Branch Metrics ANE

Promoting your application, and making it easy to be accessible to everyone is one of the key of its success. Custom url schemes, are one of the best way to do it! On a previous blog post, I explained how you could use them with AIR.

I also presented a service,, which allows thanks to a unique link to direct you on the mobile store corresponding to your mobile operating system and even launch the app if it’s already installed!

Branch Metrics goes way further (and for free). You have all the options of and you can give parameters to links. In other words, for instance, you can invite your friend to a game you’re playing (via a link generated inside the app) and for example giving him some of your items so he won’t start from scratch! This open the door to many opportunities.

Give a try to the Branch Metrics ANE, it has been crafted with love by your humble servant!

2 thoughts on “Branch Metrics ANE

  1. I tested it.
    It took me some time to read all the docs and getting started with the webservice.
    But I can recommend
    thanks a lot for sharing the service and your work on the ane.
    Guess I will use it for my next project.

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