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New portfolio online

Before starting to seek a new job, preferably at Lyon (France), it was about time to make a new portfolio! This last two years, I worked a lot with Flash, Php and Objective-C. I wasn’t up to date on the last web tools, so I decided to make my new portfolio in HTML5/CSS3 and try some new tools!

I’ve used the HTML5 Boilerplate as a template to start, resetting CSS style and offering a strong HTML5 base page. Then I gave AngularJS a try. It’s a JavaScript MVC framework powered by Google, very powerful. For the background, I used the canvas tag. At first, I started code it from scratch but there was an opportunity to test an other framework : KineticJS. It’s very easy to handle coming with a Flash background. I’ve also give a try to the new GreenSock Animation Platform which handles TweenLite/TweenMax for JavaScript! And finally using Signals in JavaScript.

The “classic” web has greatly evolved this last years, that was cool to play with those new features/tools!