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Objective-C basic interface

In this tutorial, we will see how to create a basic interface in Objective-C with code only. It will be one TextField and one Button. Yeah, just that and we will need 6 files! And maybe we will use some inheritance.

ActionScript 3 is really a smart language, it is very quick to create what we will do. Something like 10 lines of code… Anyway, in this tutorial I will not make comparisons between ActionScript 3 and Objective-C like the previous one unless it is really useful.

Open Xcode and create a new iOS empty application, disable everything. Many files are created, but we will use only AppDelegate.h and AppDelegate.m In the AppDelegate we will init our applications.

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Synch a phone with a website using the Union Platform

For my school game project, I use an iPhone to move my hero thanks to the accelerometer. It can move to left/right, jump… and manage informations in a menu. To make the synchronization, I use the Union Platform.

There are several ways to realize a synchronization between a smartphone and a website using servers like : Flash Media Server, SmartFox Server, BlazeDS… I didn’t really try FMS because I use a mac and it can not runs on it. At first I wanted to put my game online using SmartFox, so I needed a Java server… but it’s really expensive ! However there was an alternative with the Google App Engine. We can have a free access to Java and Python server hosting by Google ! It seemed to be great, but SmartFox can’t be deploy on it whereas BlazeDS and GraniteDS can ! These 2 servers use the flex technology… it was a big problem to deal with because I use an old iPhone 2G. Even if today you can easily export flash with as3 for iPhone with Flash IDE or the new Flash Builder 4.5, exporting flex for iPhone is not easy : indeed, we need to use some Ant Tasks… and if your .ipa is well exported, it will not run on iPhone 2G. In fact with the new Air 2.6 you can’t export to old iPhone.

So these months have been really frustrating, until a friend informed me of the release of a new server : the Union Platform. It has been released by Colin Moock who wrote Essential ActionScript 3.0 book.

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