CitrusEngine flash extension

Hey there,

While improving my skills on the Flash Platform, I started to learn Flex and on an other way JSFL (using for Flash IDE extension).
So I mix them together, and I offer to the CE community my first Flash extension.

You can find it here :
It requires Flash CS5.

On a project, you have always recurrent tasks. Using the CE for your game, you will create a hero and using the right labels for example. Adding a platform, baddy, cloud in the flash IDE to create a level required to create Movie Clip and specify their classname, their filepath (swf, png…) and some others options.

So what can you do with this extension ? In what way it will improve your productivity ?
I made it to be really simple to use, fast and efficient. Things that you can do with it :
– generate the correct labels for your hero, baddy, missile… such as idle, walk, jump… on a label layers !
– add to your level CE objects (hero, platform, coin, cloud…) on a specific layers with the same name and color, with some options (filepath, classname if not the original one), specific options too (oneWay for platform, parallax…).

Notice that you need to create only one time your object and duplicate them on your stage to add many. If you want to create a similar object too, just duplicate it in the library.

All of the CE objects are not in this extension, I will add them later. Before that, I would like to have your opinion about the plugin : how to improve it ? more options ?
I think that somes options for instance the endX and endY should not be included in the moving platform level fla, and be controlled by code…

Any idea is welcome 🙂

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