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Dargaud cartography, pure JavaScript isn’t so bad…

New year comes with plenty new resolutions, one of them was to finally give a serious try to a small project into pure JavaScript. I used to swear on JavaScript every time it was mentionned. I made several projects using TypeScript and Haxe, and I’m very happy with those techs. But, if there is some strong libraries (Pixi.js, Phaser, three.js) made in pure JavaScript, there are certainly some reasons !? And when you know that those guys are all ex-flashers, you think that they would use a compiled language. But not at all, they don’t want to depend on a company (since Adobe’s failure on Flash…), freedom feeling you said?

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Assassination Classroom, back in love with the web!

Hey guys, it has been a long time since I didn’t make a project for the web. Some years ago, I decided to go away from my web training and learnt native languages (Objective-C) and focus on cross platform tools (Flash/AIR, Unity and Haxe NME which is become OpenFL). You will say that HTML5/JS is the most cross platform tool which exist, that’s right. However as a developer, I thought it wouldn’t improve my skills like Objective-C or even Unity using C-Sharp did. And that’s always true! JS isn’t a smart language, and it isn’t very interesting to deal with it (no interface…).

However some weeks ago, someone offered me a game project using HTML5 technology, and I said yes! Why the hell, I said yes? Because web has evolved. It is far to be perfect right now, but I think the road is the good one. It’s amazing to be able to play your game in any browser on your computer and your smartphone! No apps to download, just go to an URL.
Also on a technology part Canvas performances are improved “each month”, and WebGL support climbs. JavaScript is still a piece of shit but we have many meta languages (Haxe, TypeScript, Dart, CoffeeScript) doing a great job. On an other part I heard about pixi.js some months ago, a WebGL rendering engine with a Canvas fallback and I wanted to give it a try.

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