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The Citrus Engine meets Away3D

Some days ago, I was thinking that my next post would be the annoucement of the Citrus Engine V3 stable release. Since Starling and Nape are well integrated in the engine and the API very stable, I didn’t see any new big features coming. Oh in fact, I imagined one : 3D support. This one was crazy, and now it is real! Welcome to the first 2D & 3D Flash game engine!

I’m not familiar with 3D. Last year I had a quick look with ThreeJS and then ported it in Away3D. That was my only experience with 3D until now, so don’t hesitate to correct me and to offer some suggestions. That’s lots of new stuff to learn, and that’s pretty exciting!
Also if you have links to free arts/assets Away3D friendly, share please 🙂

For the impatients, here is the demo! Note the Away3D support needs lots of work yet. Click on the red square to add boxes (I was a bit lazy to make a correct button). Use the mouse to move the camera, and right/left/down/space keys for the Hero.
I use Box2D for the physics (it could be Nape), to see the Box2D debug view press tab to open the console and write :

set box2D visible true

All the source code is available on GitHub (with samples) and on GoogleCode (engine code only). The Away3D part will evolve a lot in the next month, the 2D stuff is very stable to use!

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