Rugby game, AS3 – CE – haXe versions

Two weeks ago at school we made a simple rugby game with graphics provided.
I take this opportunity to compare how I develop the game if I use different framewok :

– in AS3 with linked list and object pooling (refers to this previous tutorial). Obviously it is a little game, and we don’t need complex optimization, but that was a good implementation exercice. Moreover I’ve updated my class 😉

– with the Citrus Engine, managing Box2D. It was not easy to handle physics to have the same result that the basic AS3 version, and actually it is not the same (there is some inertia), but I really like how Box2d handle collision. We can manage before collision, the beginning and the ending. It is really more precise than a hitTestObject. Moreover we can separate art from physic body, and so change easily the “collision box”.

– last night, with lbineau we made a programming evening around haXe (and some beers 🙂 ). The idea was really simple : make the same game, using existing AS3 classes with haXe. I have already given a chance to haXe previously and saw how powerful it is. This time, I see how easy it is to use previous AS3 code. I didn’t rewrite my Opponent and Player class! And I used the fla to link graphics without any trouble! However I’m a bit disappointed : I used most of the time original AS3 objects instead of haXe primary objects. What I need right now is FDT5 with its full haXe support! Can’t wait for it… Oh! If you’re interesting by haXe, you should take a look on NME, it seems to be amazing.

The zip with the three versions.

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