Workspace & Workflow

A simple post to share my configuration and softwares that I mostly used.

Devices :
– an iMac on Mountain Lion and an Acer laptop running Windows 7.
– iPhone 4S.
– iPad 3.
– Nexus 7.

Eclipse & FDT : Java – Android & AS3.
IntelliJ : web stuff and Haxe.
Sublime Text 2 : quickly edit/view some code.

Graphic Tools
– Adobe Flash Pro
– Adobe Photoshop
ImageOptim : optimizes images by finding best compression parameters and by removing unnecessary comments and color profiles.
Raskin : it may be useful when you have many big pictures (like levels) to have an overview of the project.

Software for games
GlyphDesigner : bitmap typo.
TexturePacker : sprite sheets maker.
PhysicsEditor : determine perfect collision shapes for Box2D, Chipmunk and Nape!

MySQL Workbench.
SQLite Database Browser.


Dash : the awesome documentation browser tool!
LiveReload : don’t press even more F5 on localhost websites!
TotalFinder : how can you live without tabs on your finder ?
Cinch : windows 7 management window for OSX!
Droplr : quickly share files.
Switch : audio sound converter.
Adobe Shadow.

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