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Becoming a freelancer

Hi! Since the new Citrus Engine website, this blog was in stand-by during the last two months. This year I worked really hard, using my personnal time, on the Citrus Engine which is the most advanced Open-Source & free AS3 game engine. This work and its support aren’t finished.

Now I’m happy to share with you some exciting news: in January, I will start my career as a freelancer! Thanks to this status, I will be able to work with companies on strong games using the Citrus Engine and make it even more professional. Take a look on its support page.

Will I only make games using this engine? No, diversity is stimulating. I’ve just bought an iMac to be able to re-do some Objective-C, and develop on iOS using Haxe NME.

To sum-up, I will focus on games, mobile applications, and maybe some websites using AS3, Haxe, Objective-C, HTML5 and PHP programming languages. In a long run I hope to improve my Unity3D knowledge, and in a short period I will give Cocos2D a try.

Also I will try to keep this blog alive, making one article by month which won’t be related to the Citrus Engine.

Future is exciting. Feel free to contact me!