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Playing with Cadet Editor 3D and AwayPhysics

The 3D part is a bit in stand-by this last weeks on the Citrus Engine, because I’m polishing the engine for the V3 which should be out this week!

I’ve never clearly introduced AwayPhysics in the Citrus Engine, so it’s the day! The idea is to have a similar pre-built platformer objects that we already have with Box2D and Nape but with AwayPhysics this time for 3D stuff! This work and Away3D support will evolve during the V3.

Now that 3D views and physics are supported, it’s time to give a look on which tool we can use as a 3D game Level Editor. At first, I thought to Prefab. This is the best tool to create a scene with Away3D, importing assets, add lights… But too complex for a simple level design, I mean : hey the Citrus Engine is not a concurrent to Unity3D (which I started to learn thanks to this awesome tutorial) 😀 Its 3D physics part is just here to create basic 3D game / puzzle. Also the level editor has to support object creation (physics object), this isn’t obvious with Prefab.
Then I gave a look to Cadet Editor, the 3D editor is very easy to handle. You can create quickly sphere, cube and plane objects, add lights… That’s the right tool to see what can be done!

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