First month as a freelancer completed!

Hey guys,

This month was simply awesome! I’ve worked on some cool exciting projects using mostly AS3 with Starling, and the new ones in the pipeline are even better 🙂 I wish I could clone myself to work on all of them! I’d time to improve the Citrus Engine, give a first try to Cocos2D (loved to redo some Objective-C, but I’ll stay on Sparrow, a project using it is coming!) and started to learn Unity3D (you can make quickly some 2D games using Orthello framework). Learning Unity is very exciting, it’s definitely one of future tool I will mostly used in the future.

During this month there was the Global Game Jam. With some great guys, we made a game which won the local jury award using the Citrus Engine:

First achievements are unlocked 😉

See you later!

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