Da Viking Code, one year of freelancing!

Hey guys, happy new year (better late than never!)!!

We’re already in 2014… and now I worked more than one year as a freelancer and it’s still awesome! I’ve detailed most of the projects made on this blog and my personnal website. Give them a look!

So what is coming up?
Now, I’ve a company name, Da Viking Code (you probably got the joke), and a new website! Thank you my friends at Curious Label for this awesome logo & design!

An other very exciting news: Tamsen aka Gsynuh joins me on Da Viking Code’s crew in February!! He’s the best Citrus Engine’s contributor and it will be awesome to work together daily at the same place!

So now we’re two freelancers for your services, playing with AS3/AIR, Unity and Canvas/WebGL technologies!

Best wishes for 2014 and see you between two lines of code!

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