Unity and its asset store

This last weeks, I played a lot with Unity. Thanks to its Editor it’s very easy to set up a scene in no time!
Also one of its strongest features is its Asset Store. You can find excellent stuff (assets, code, utilities…), however you’ll have probably to pay for that.

Unity has succeeded to create a market around its product and make its own product even better. Imagine if Greensock/TweenMax or even the Citrus Engine were able to be included into your project in one click. People looking for game engine will see the different ones and reviews. By promoting its asset store, Unity promotes its technology and people which are using it. Developers are highlighted and they gain some profits for their hard work (Unity too it’s a 70% – 30% deal). How many Flash developers earn money thanks their libraries? Certainly less than Unity developers and there are more (were?) Flash developers.

It seems that Unity users don’t hesitate to give money for what they want, whereas Flash users pay more attention. The Citrus Engine wouldn’t be popular and used if it wasn’t free.

Well I could write a long blog post, comparing Unity and Flash frameworks/libraries management but that’s definitely not my goal. I just would like to say that if you pay $15 for this awesome component, you will be able to make a FPS in no time.
Like I did in 15 minutes. Demo.

I wish I could make this in Flash in less than 15 minutes, and I don’t care about the price (if it worths it and is reasonable).

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