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A Blind Legend

Update: A Blind Legend is now on Steam!

Hello Everyone !

We can finally talk about the big Unity game project that took almost one and a half year to complete, A Blind Legend.

let’s start with the official game description :

A Blind Legend is a collaborative project of an audio-only action/adventure game for mobile phones. It’s based on a very innovative technology: binaural sound. In this game, the players are guided only by 3D sound and live the adventure by controlling their hero with multi-point tactile gestures. A Blind Legend” is above all a story: an adventure from the Age of Chivalry, to which we want to give epic scope.

In “A Blind Legend”, your eyes will be of no help.
So close them, sharpen your hearing and your blade…
and embark on an epic, perilous rite of passage.

The game is aimed not just at visually impaired (VI) people but also at anyone who’s hungry for an original sensory experience with a trailblazing video game. For us, the game achieves two objectives: giving VI people access to high-quality video games, but also raising public awareness of this type of disability.

What is “A Blind Legend” ? Well it’s a 3D audio game which you can try (and complete) for free. It was created by DOWINO who crowdfunded the project via a french kickstarter-like platform, here’s the link : https://en.ulule.com/a-blind-legend/

You can start downloading the app for iOS or for Android.

There’s even a desktop version of the first level (out of 5) , but that one’s only in french … still here’s the link.

The apps are quite small, but launch them as you need to download content, which is about 130Mb in total of audio content (so if you want to play after you’re done reading this, go ahead now 😀

The game being very rich in what we ended up calling “cinematics” and in dialogue and ambient sounds… The assets are heavy. We’re not working with textures here it’s all audio… And the audio must be of good enough quality.

Ok now that you’ve got the app, and you went in game to download the localized content, let’s go ahead and talk about the development process. Continue reading A Blind Legend