Resize icons for mobile apps

There are things which take times, they could easily be automated but there aren’t. One of this task is to generate all the icons for a mobile application. You have to resize the same image into 10 different sizes, for Android and iOS (29, 36, 48, 50, 57, 58, 72, 100, 114, 512, 1024).

Why Apple doesn’t only require an image size of 1024 and automatically generate the smaller picture when the app is exported for the publication? There may be a good reason for that. Anyway, go to this Github and grab the php script to generate app icons for Android & iOS in all requested resolutions.

Now the quick dev story: at first, I thought it was a good small project to get back into some ruby dev. I didn’t practice it since several years ago. So I started with Sparrow’s samples, but quickly I went into library & version nightmare, and I wasn’t able to remember a single line of ruby! So I get back to php very quickly and discover that we may use it with a CLI (why couldn’t we?). It’s very quick & powerful, be ready for some script for renaming 😀

Find some scripts for renaming files and delete others one based on a string name:

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